Mystery Keepers
Mysteries of Au'makua
Earth Interface Journeying
Interface Journeying is a means of entering directed trance--the exploration of profound abstraction and absorption. It has been used for thousands of years by native, earth based cultures. And it is still used to enter the 'creative twilight' by modern sages and thinkers in all creative fields of study: art, science, economics, and the rest. The goal of Interfacing is to learn through exploration of one's own creative abilities.
Mystery Keepers unify the concept of body-mind-spirit by exploring earth interface journeying. Almost everyone recognizes the idea of body-mind-spirit and the connectivity of the trinity; however most fumble amongst the efforts to truly use the trinity for specific outcomes. This trinity is wholely egocentric.

The trinity is more accurately the body-mind-spirit-earth quartet. This is the way Shamans sensed the interconnectivity of journeying. The trinity is very ego-centric while the quartet is highly holistically earth-centric.

Mysteries of Au'makua are earth centric belief patterns that direct one's presence into the otherworld. "Au'makua" is a Polynesian/Hawaiian spiritual concept that is broad in scope and encompasses Siberian Shamanism and Native American principles. In fact, all three have significant overlap with each other. Thus, Mysteries of Au'makua are a compilation of the three and reflected on these pages.
From the art of 'finesse' is delivered strength.
From the soft and gentle grows the power of one's presence.
Hawiian Sunrise Ceremony

Domain of self, everything that is,
  ...everything that was,
  ...and everything that will be. (pp)

Which of your inner understandings limits you?

No one can give you a "rite of passage" to greater understanding.
The initiation grows from within organically, emerging from its hidden crypt
like a seed bursting toward the sun.

Shamans, sages, thinkers or anyone else can't "give" you what you don't already have.
You can write River at:
Your Mysteries Are Your Domain Only
Each Journey Seeks A New Destination,
If it does not, it is not a journey.
The Synthesis Is Hidden In The Journey's Log
In the Otherworld,
Vertical Time Supercedes Horizontal Time
With Every Breath Is A New Moment Of Creation.
Fear Is The Mind Killer
Aldous Huxley
I must not fear.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.   Frank Herbert
Gather knowledge widely,
from up above, far below, in between and all around. (pp)

The only way to understand the significance of your own knowledge is to share it.
This arrival is not a passive effort; it is a path that must be traveled.
The threshold must be crossed.
Returning To The Earth Of Us All
Siberian Ongon
Shaman Spiritual Niche
Accessing the Otherworld Realm of Creative Twilight is a powerful means of understanding the within of the within,
the center of centers.
Walker Between Winds
The etherial winds reside at the edge of the ordinary and the non-ordinary
The Walker Between Winds emerges with the highest intention,
the highest purpose, and the highest truth.
The Earth seeps a Second-Spirit.
Mask Behind
The Mask
It is egocentric and naïve to believe that science holds all the answers;
It can only answer the small set that lies within the scope of the scientific method.
The continuity threshold is the perceptional distinction between matter and space,
between thought and thought
You are the rock and the rock is you.
The rock's mind is your mind.
Conflict tears open the heart like fire consumes the wood; only ashes of defeat survive.
Only God and quarks are in confinement.
Paint your face and wear fine sashes, Sing like a crazy bird,
Dance like the wind,
Rattle like a snake,
Drum like the thunder.
                 (pp anon) Kaaster
The eye’s reality is built from the mind’s perception
The Four Path:

If there is no self-acknowledgment,
there is no attention;

If there is no attention,
there is no intention;

If there is no intention,
There is no implementation;

If there is no implementation,
there is no fruition.

Because something has life does not mean that it lives.

It is not the receiving of de novo information, but the organic growth from within that one seeks. Information does not equate to understanding nor understanding to wisdom. The former is a function of the creative mind within the mind, and the latter mind within mind within mind.
7    Wisdom: Otherworld Journey

7    Star: Earth Stories

7    Essence: Earth Scent

7    Anima Mundi: Conexión

The Interface is a moment of transition, the blending of one thought into another,
until an action blisters from it.
The middle is everywhere.
                                          P.D. Ouspensky
      ...and thus nowhere.
                                          River Kaaster
And what does it mean 'to become a human being'?
Explorations To Nowhere
Even so, "you will meet four sages who will offer the benefits of their wisdom." Rumi
reduce your use of plastic least you become plasticized
plastic is killing us
Trying to save the planet without the wisdom of  the Earth is akin to building a star without stardust.
Can you read a book that has no words?

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With greatest gratitude to River's Mentors:
     Opsahl: the gift of mastery
     Becker: the gift of enjoyment
     Bushnell: the gift of possibility
     Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: the gift of synthesis

--and my good friend Kimball for continuing to push the boundaries of my interpretation.
The model for all creative exploration is embedded in Earth.
7th Essence: Earth Stories
If you are not the Mystery Keeper,
           then the Mystery does not exist.
If the mystery does not exist,
           then you do not exist.
Kawai’i is paraphrased (pp) in some of the insights provided on these pages;
Anonomous others are paraphrased as (pp anon)
A deterministic process can only result in a deterministic result.
An illusion is a reality, as much as a reality is an illusion.
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The 5th truth:
Nirvana is indistinguishable from the mind of a rock. This is the earth-centric direction.
You are your own story.
7th Essence: Earth Scent
The visible and invisible are the same thing.
Some American Indians were known to spirit dance for days before some would collapse; and even then they would rise and dance more.
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