Shaman from Lake Baikal, Siberia
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Mystery Emerges From Mystery
Once hidden by shamans, sages, and thinkers to preserve and protect it from outside suppressive political and religious influences, the Mysteries are re-emerging and being freely shared, especially with the young.
River Kaaster, Dutch-Métis

"Those who own themselves"
to make things right

Two Antlers Up
Space-time extends in all directions.
The implications are immense: if you can travel in any direction in space, then you can travel in any direction in time.
If space extends in all directions, so does time.
This is dictated by the union of space-time.
If space-time are continuous, then space-time-matter are continuous. Everything is a continuity--
everything is the same thing--
--you are the rock and the rock is you
Wrong concept applied to the right mathematics.
Mass, or matter, doesn't curve space-- but is a continuum with space.
Earth based sages organically understood this equation
What we recognize as matter is only bunched up wave distortions of nothingness; aka: energy, spirit, god.
The edges of our form, or any form, are demarcated by a sharp continuity transition with the homogeneity of space.
The fundamental unit of everything is a primal energy distortion of space, or better a distortion in the homogeneity. These distortions of space conglomerate to form the smallest "particles" (really an area of bunched up energy) of the atom, and from these elements, molecules, and cells are formed. So matter is a conglomeration of tiny wave energy distortions that appear solid.
The continuity transition is a clever evolutionary trick that allows us to see 'solid' objects, when in fact they are energy wave distortions of space. You and I are clumps of distorted space that is energy (we are frequency).
The conceptually new equation becomes:
For thousands of years Sages have recognized that everything is connected. It now is time to recognize that what Sages meant by "connected" is that everything is continuous. It is an unfortunate misinterpretation. Everything is a continuum. There is only one, single continuum. You are the rock and the rock is you. The rock may look different from you, but that is because of  only a slight difference in the composition of atoms -- a slight difference in the wave distortion. The area between the rock and you is a slight curvature while you and the rock are highly tight curvature; the space between is both your space and the rock's space. However, this does not negate the Two Row Wampum -- as if two parallel rivers, but connected by their ground water.
The curviture of space, Guv, (aka gravity) is an extension of the composite space distortion, from
Tvuv, of which you are made.  And your curvature field blends into the curvature field of all other matter, ie, all matter is continuous with all other matter via the space curvature known as gravity.
ClicEarth Energy is Mind Energy

E = mc
If this equivalency equation says that mass is energy and energy is mass, then it also says that the mosaic of energy and mass are C
This is the basis of a Shaman's energy work.
You are your own energy. Even the Shaman can do no more than facilitate changes between energy fields.
What is the experience of your own creation? Your creation is orchestrated by the Earth's domain.  Is 40,000 years of mystery learning just non-sense or has it persisted because there is hidden knowledge, truth? Shamanism is the oldest spiritual belief system to have continuously survived the wrath of political pressure, science arrogance, and missionary invasions; Shamanism/Midewiwin was often hidden from  assailants. It is a spiritual belief in the Earth, and the relationship of people, and all things, to the earth.
The code of you is an energy wave field.
When waves are compressed they begin to look and act like particles.t.
Mystery Keepers
Baikal: dichotomy point of the northern (Beringia) and southern (Polynesia) routes.
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River's expeditions to Siberia: Destination -- Lake Baikal
Bone jarring...
Mind bending...
Spirit invoking...  
Shaman Rock, Olchon, Lake Baikal
This site and teaching recognizes the value of retaining traditional native people's beliefs-- a task to be advanced by native peoples to perpetuate and conserve their spiritual and ceremonial heritage. It is of highest ambition and honor for native people to preserve their teachings.  

However, the way of knowledge is broad because of the continuity of all existence. If it is spoken, thought, or even imagined, it is in existence for all to scrutinize and is open to mind exploration. The trade off of this transparency is that some exploitation arises from those that wish it -- whether indigenous native or not.
Source is continuity of everything that is,
everything that was,
and everything that will be.
When horizontal flow seizes, growth becomes vertical until it grows into a hierarchy characterized by control, power and greed. All failed societies have violated this fundamental doctrine of the Circle. 
Sacrifices always seed from hierarchical instability.

Everything of everything and nothing of nothing are always in flow. Stasis does not exist.
Each new moment is a refinement of a past moment.
Use your symmetry to explore. See the new image, hear the new sound, feel the new touch, and think the new thought.
I am the ruler of myself.
I am all that exists, places touched and untouched;
   things thought and things not thought.(pp)
It is enough.
"I am enough;
You are enough."
Kahuna Harry
You are the giver, and the receiver,
and what is being given and what is being received.
Interested in more Au'makua Exploration of Earth Interfaces?          continue... 
Ushkany Archipelago
Shaman Rock
The Essence Of Life Is In The Breath
Knowledge is not Wisdom
The mind’s reality is built from the mind’s perception
Creation in the mind initiates
all that we know, all that we are,
all that we become,
and all that is.
It should be of no concern. Authenticity always rises to the top. If any among you believe that ritual ceremony is static, you must also believe that a river does not flow. If a river does not flow, it is not a river. It is the way of the sage to enlighten by exploring, thus casting stasis into the river's flow -- if it is meant to be, it will rise to the surface.
Deoxyribonucleic Acid
--how does this 'fit' in the Sage's medicine bag?
Pono: there is no one truth
You are the only possible expression within the continuum of existence
  be the change you are seeking
   “To cut through the water”

From the time you are born,
until the time you pass to the other side,
you are a beacon of electro-magnetic
data transmission.
Are you out there?
Event Horizon Boundary of Otherworld Journeying
An Exploration of Earth Interfacing
Hold on, Mother Earth is spinning 1000mph at
the equator and moving around the sun at
The capability of the mind is just as misleading...
...far more exists than we understand.
And all the tensor equations from all the math thinkers do not begin to explain the cloak of the mind.
        Perceptual Illusion...
            or    ...Objective Reality
different event horizon, same continuum
If you are not distinguishable from background noise,
you do not exist. 

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The Mêlée of Destiny
abiding mind
Ho'oponopono Aka cords are the continuity of all existence.
this is you
save yourself
Being is higher than doing
Every failed hierarchy fed itself from the top rather than sustaining itself from the bottom. This is a universal principle of nature and thus applies to all human fabricated vertical hierarchies including politics, economics, science, religion, social structure, and one's own ego. 

--- never give your power away.
                            What does this mean to 'never give away your power'?
  the sword of your mind
Frame dragging can only occur if what is doing the dragging and what is being dragged are in continuity with one another.
Abundance Is Not A Destination
Your life is a mirror of how you have arranged your mind.
Conflict is never resolved with condemnation.
Self-imposed, by source design, or mosaic chaos?
C   (speed of light) manifests because light and the homogeneity are the same.
Layer by layer is the quantum way; does this mean that the layers are not the same.....
.....or does it mean only that their behavior differs?
Complexity increases interpretation error...
...homogeneity is the only truth.
You are the Mystery Keeper, you and you alone.
Greetings from Jerry "River" Kaster. My birth name is Jerry Lee Kaster (shortened version of the original Dutch name - Kaaster that I sometimes use). My Grandmother's direct ancestry is the Wildfang lineage (meaning, to catch prey), that dates back to 1734 in the USA, and more than 1000 years in Europe. In the new world, Grandmother is of Dutch and northern Anishinaabe Métis, also known as the Otipemisiwak -- "those who own themselves".

Beyond science, I have a great interest in Euro ab origine - Nativo interface traditions, hierarchy growth and collapse, and the integration of earth based belief with science. You can view my academic site at:

seek a new space-time reference
In the event of failure,
If it is the left side, try the right.
The scientific method that builds science knowledge is more confining
          and less complex than the capability of the mind which created it.
Science can answer only questions that follow the rules of science.
The embroidary of this Haori is of Lake Biwa, Japan
The last matriarch societies reign from northern Siberia into North America and are evident in Nativo America. The pivotal shift from current patriarchy to a more symmetrical matriarchy will seed from these last matriarch strongholds.
This is what has driven the Nativo struggle for centuries: matriarch/
patriarch conflict. This mêlée was the only possible manifestation within the continuum of existence.
The spearhead that strikes first
is but one.

Vertical rise is built
on the back of
...and yet some stressor is necessary if change is to occur.
The wind alone
is stress
You, and you alone are the Mystery Keeper.
Not another person or group, nor anything in existence or non-existence that seeks your power.
The Middle Way is not a path of mediocrity,
rather a means of exploration to escape mediocrity.
"...bend a knee or bend a toe." Lama Dawa
If one is immersed in prosperity, it can not be recognized.
101 Monkeys
Xiong's Eddy
The eddy first moves away from the whirlpool before assimilating.
Link: 7   Anima Mundo: Conexión
It is impossible to fully comprehend that from which you are created.
I am redundant, therefore I exist.
Bilateral symmetry is the evolutionary permission slip to explore the environment.
Life is a mysterious exploration of how one intersects with all else that surrounds and interacts with self.
The environment is the menu from which we build our reality.
Your existence is complete...
      ...what is lacking is your understanding of completeness.
The illusional mind will transcend to fulfill the illusion.
The center of center is a process, not a place.
The past, present, and future are different chapters from the same story. To understand the story, you must know the flow between chapters. If you "live in the now", your story is not only incomplete, but is also boring.
Living in the "center" is different than living in the "now".
Wakȟáŋ #1:
You are your own Mystery Keeper.

Wakȟáŋ #2:
You swim in a sea of your own ignorance.
Otherworld Journeying begins and ends with your own illusions.
Creative ability is the cornerstone of one's illusions.
...and yet the next step is karmic.
To most indigenous cultures, science and spiritulism were one and the same.
[v = frequency metric]
All life is equal to all non-life. Tao
I am the Mystery Keeper.
I am my own ignorance.
...and one's ignorance
  is also one's bliss.

My children, those that will soon follow me,
Carefully listen to what I tell you;

I bid you farewell as I depart for my long journey.

I take leave of you and all that has passed before me.

It is to the other sea, the other woodland, the other mountain,
the other sky that my trek moves me.

While I am near, the distance that separates us makes little sense for it is yet untraveled by you.

Make a broad stroke with your brush,
for your time too will pass quickly as it will for the children of your children.

Make no mistake that the path of trial is before you.
It is this essential contrast that manifests as life well lived.
River Kaaster/anon

My conclusion from 40 years of science:
Biological evolution is a process that creates reality from an illusion.
Jerry 'River' Kaster, Ph.D.

Where is the "lesson memory"?
The history and future of aboriginals throughout the world has already been played out in Europe.
Truly a form of inter-generational insanity
Change that,
which screams for change
Begin by shifting from ego-centrism to Earth-centrism
For our children's future, we must shift from ego-centrism to Earth-centrism
Einstein's Theory of General Relativity
Eddy was lost in the Mississippi
River at La Crosse; he will emerge from another river, or as a single drop of rain.
The Circle is infinitely global.

One's own identity stems from the amalgamation of all faces in the circle.

This feature is why Circle Cultures are inclusive. In the absence of 'mirrors', everyone in the circle draws their own
image from the composite group.
Nothing is


outside of an

Even the edge of the interface disappears into nothingness, aka: everything.